Battle Of The Bands '24

Your opportunity to win the opening slot at Ponte Rocks 2024!

Application Form

Rules & Regulations

Below are the rules and regulations of the Ponte Rocks Battle Of The Bands 2024. Please read these carefully before applying.
1. All Acts must sell at least 12 tickets to be entered in Battle Of The Bands. This helps us to cover our venue and advertising costs.
2. Acts must be available on either of the following 2 dates:

February 15th - The Old Post Office - Pontefract
February 22nd - The Lion - Castleford

3. As the competition progresses, we will try to ensure availability for all acts, but we cannot guarantee any specific dates.
4. Before applying, please ensure that you are available to play the opening slot at Ponte Rocks Festival - 12 - 12:30pm, 22nd June 2024.

How Will Battle Of The Bands Be Judged?

This year's Battle Of The Bands will be judged in two ways and the points will be totalled to choose a winning act.

1. A judges vote where the judges will choose their favourite act from each round
2. Audience Vote - The audience will vote for their favourite act from each round.

In the unlikely event of a tie, the band who managed to sell the most tickets for that night will be the winner and will go through to the next round.

Quick Links & Contact

Email: info@ponte-rocks.co.uk
Tel. 01977 790145
For all noise related issues, please use the number below:
01977 310219
Please Note: This number is only active during event hours.
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